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The Sidebar: Girl-Centered Poverty Reduction and Gender Equality

Published:   March 8, 2012

This week, host Pamela Chan talks with Schwartz Fellow Brigid Schulte and Global Assets Project Research Associate Nicole Tosh to mark International Women’s Day by discussing girl-centered poverty reduction programs and gender equality at work and at home.

Schulte, a staff writer for The Washington Post, is writing a book on the struggle of working mothers to manage the scarcest of all resources – time – in balancing work, family and their own well-being.

Schulte's latest article, What’s So Bad About American Parents, Anyway? appeared in The Post on March 2.

Tosh, who works with the Global Savings and Social Protection Initiative in the Global Assets Project, has written a three-part blog series on girl-centered global development:

Part 1: Girl Talk: Don't Believe Everything You Hear
Part 2: Ending Child Marriage: The Unnecessary Paradox Between Development and Culture
Part 3: International Women's Day Celebrates 101 Years

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