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Trade & Globalization

Study: US Arms Sales Undermine Global Human Rights | The Associated Press

December 10, 2008
William D. Hartung, the lead author of the report, said, "The United States cannot demand respect for human rights and arm human rights abusers at the same ...

Guns Kill People | Tapped/American Prospect

December 9, 2008
The New America Foundation looks at the Bush administration's weapons trade legacy in a new report that recommends President-elect Obama undertake a new ...

The Policies That Ruined the Auto Industry

  • By
  • Barry C. Lynn,
  • New America Foundation
December 1, 2008 |

A lot of people are angry at the Detroit Three automakers, including many members of Congress. And why not?

GM, Ford and Chrysler seem still too bloated and old-fashioned, their workers too pampered. For too long the carmakers have failed to design and bring to market the smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles we now want to buy. Yet it is important to put the blame where it really belongs, not on management or labor, but on Congress.

Financing the Productive Economy: The Heartland Development Bank

  • By
  • Joel Kotkin,
  • New America Foundation
  • and Delore Zimmerman, Praxis Strategy Group
September 18, 2008

Infrastructure and Economic Opportunity

Lisa Margonelli on New Hampshire Public Radio | Word of Mouth: 'Next Green Thing - Termite Guts'

August 26, 2008

In the world of social insects, the lowly termite gets no respect. Sure, ants and bees have their champions and are lauded for their social cohesion and industriousness. Termites, on the other hand, are the bane of homeowners everywhere. They eat up about $11 billion in U.S. property each year. Some species also have the rather unsocial habit of snapping the heads off of invading ants.

William Hartung in AP News | "Study says China top violator of Sudan embargo"

August 6, 2008

(The AP)--China has been the "most egregious violator" of a worldwide arms embargo, providing Sudan with the vast majority of its small arms and weapons used for mass murder in Darfur province. . .

The arms and also political support are being swapped for access to the African country's oil reserves, according to a report issued on the eve of the Summer Olympics in Beijing. . .

Parag Khanna on the Kojo Nnamdi Show | 'The Collapse WTO Negotiations'

July 30, 2008

(WAMU)--It was supposed to promote "pro-development" priorities at the World Trade Organization. But the so-called "Doha Round" of talks collapsed this week, as negotiators were unable to bridge bitter divides between developed and developing countries. We find out what happened, and what it means for workers and farmers in America and the developing world. LINK to Audio

Douglas Rediker in New York Times | 'Overseas Investors Pile Up More Pieces of Americana'

July 10, 2008
..."This is the natural outgrowth of us exporting a huge amount of dollars through high commodity prices to countries that have to reinvest it somewhere," said Douglas Rediker, a sovereign fund expert at the New America Foundation, a research and advocacy organization. "These countries have to extend beyond Treasury bills, and that means equities and real estate..." LINK

Flynt Leverett in The Australian | 'Nirvana Out of American Reach'

July 5, 2008

The energy, financial and political woes that grip the US signal a decisive shift in world power, mocking the liberal delusion that Barack Obama or John McCain can return American prestige and power to its pre-Bush year 2000 nirvana. There is no such nirvana.

Flynt Leverett in the National Interest | 'Does the G8 Still Matter?'

July 3, 2008

...From July 7–9, as the Nixon Center’s executive director and moderator of the discussion Paul Saunders said, the world’s heaviest hitters will meet to discuss the most-pressing problems. Former ambassador to Germany and current managing director at McLarty Associates, Richard Burt, and Flynt Leverett of the New America Foundation met at the Nixon Center on Wednesday to look at an even-more-basic issue: whether the G8 still matters. Or, as Ambassador Burt asked, if it ever did.

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